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Why You’ll Love the RicFit Academy App:

Weekly Sessions

There is a weekly session planned for you every week. RicFit gives you a pre-planned session (consisting of 70 exercises). You don’t have to “overthink”, you just have to do the doing!

The Skill Development Tracker

What is the point of training if you don’t know you’re improving? Use the tracker to compete against yourself to make sure your training is working and making you better!

1700+ Exercise Database

Stuck doing the same boring exercises everyday? With the RicFit App, you can create your own customized training sessions, choosing from the over 1700 available exercises! Each of the 1700 exercises is coached and performed by Ric.

Weekly Tips Delivered Every Week from Our Academy:

Learn From the Pros:

Learn key tips from pros who have played in the Champions League!


With proper eating, you will develop that 90 minute stamina needed to standout!

Mindset Tips:

RicFit’s weekly mindset tips will help you build a bulletproof mind allowing you to minimize mistakes.

Build Your Network:

We all know that your network is your net worth! Our Discord Group allows you to connect with like-minded ambitious footballers!

What’s Included in the Weekly Sessions?

New Challenge Every Week

Every single week, you will be provided a new follow-along, technical training plan specifically programmed by Ric that you can do on your own with a ball, a little bit of space and a will to WORK. Our goal is for you to improve your confidence and comfort on the ball in order to control the game!


What To Expect


What Gets Tracked, Gets Improved!

Compete with yourself every month (or as often as you want) using the Skill Development Tracker.  What is the point of training if you don’t know you’re improving? Use our unique tracker to compete against yourself to make sure your training is working and making you better!

The Skill Development Tracker will provide you with measurable data to show how much you’re improving through consistent training so you can stay motivated to train consistently. 

What’s Included in the Academy?

Weekly Lessons From The Best

New Nutrition Presentations every single week from Certified Precision Nutrition Coach – Eric Friedlander; allowing you to develop that 90 minute stamina needed to standout!

New Mindset/Lifestyle Presentations every single week from RicFit (who has played and lived alone overseas for 8 years), so you can be mentally prepared for the highs and lows of the game.

Pro Tips every single week from Pro Players around the globe so you can learn from those who are at the level you strive to be at.


Earn Rewards For Training Consistently

You will earn rewards based on the number of hours you train. Even though you should have intrinsic motivation to get better and improve, these external motivators will serve as that extra motivation!

Some of the exciting rewards include:

Free RicFit Cookbook.

Free 8 Week Body weight Program

Free 20 Minute Zoom Call with Me

Free Month in my 1-on-1 Personal Online Coaching Program

2x tickets to your favorite club’s game (domestically)

Flights & accommodation to come train with me in person for 3 days

What The Pros Think

Join a Community of Like-Minded Players Worldwide Who are Looking to Improve Themselves as a Player and Person

Compete against players in your state and around the world so you can stay motivated and disciplined in your pursuit of becoming a better footballer!


Worldwide - All Time Trained


Chris Pinkham

Concord, New Hampshire


Osaze Urhoghide

Glasgow, Scotland


Ariela Lewis

Reykjavik, Iceland

  • John Hollinger
    Reston, Virginia
  • Hannah Evans
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Samuel Kroon
    Halmstad, Sweden
  • Vivien Beil
    Como, Italy
  • Kyriakos Antoniou
    Ayia Napa, Cyprus
  • Yasmin Escobar-Moreno
    Silverdale, Washington
  • Nico Olsak
    Miami, Florida

“Why I developed this App” – Eric Friedlander

I always tell you to have a “why” for everything you do, so I certainly must back that up and have a “why” for everything I do….

I developed this app because I want to give you everything that I have learned (on my own and from great mentors and coaches) over 23 years of playing this beautiful game.

I didn’t start working and developing my “technical base” and “comfort with the ball” until I went to Europe at age 19. It wasn’t “too late,” but I wish I had started earlier.

This is an app that I wish that I had when I was 6 years old.

I believe 1-on-1 Technical Training coaches are very valuable, but you also have to do some work on your own outside of team training and those 1-on-1 sessions, plus they can get expensive! This app is much, much, much less expensive than having to pay for a 1-on-1 private coach every single session.

One month with this app is most likely cheaper than 1 individual session with any coach around the globe.

The App I Wish I Had

Join Now & Get Access to the “Members Only” Discord Group

1 Hour Weekly Live Q & A with RicFit

You can get full-access to your coach Eric Friedlander and you can ask him any questions you want.


What Other Players Are Saying


Ready To Start Your 7 Day Free Trial?

Try the RicFit On Demand App for 7 Days FREE OF CHARGE. If you don’t like the app, you are free to cancel at any time!

Start your 7 day FREEE TRIAL with the Individual Membership which is perfect for one person looking to take their game to the next level.

$9.99 / month

$24.99 / quarter

($8.33 per month)

$89.99 / year

($7.50 per month)

Start your team’s 7 day FREE TRIAL now. Up to 18 players will have their own account and the team coach/manager will have his/her own account to make sure all of the players are putting in the work.

$299.00 / month

$3,000.00 / year

Get in touch now to set up your Club Membership which will grant unlimited accounts to every team and player within the club.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you listen to music or a podcast while on the app?

    When you install the app on Apple or Android, yes you can listen to music or podcast while using the app. BUT I would take a second to consider whether you should or not. Hear me out…

    It has been shown in the science that when you try to multitask and concentrate on too many things at once, quality goes down.

    Cal Newport (an author who specializes in focus and deep work) has said that  “the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task will most help you achieve excellence in everything that you do and enjoy the deep sense of fulfillment that comes from reaching a level of true craftsmanship,” which is our goal within the app.

    I have seen it for myself first-hand. When I train with just with the timer and headphones in my ears, and I just focus on the ball and every single rep (and my beautiful voice ;)), my training quality is so much higher.

    I like to call it moving meditation because that’s basically what it is. You are focusing on your breath and the ball and no external stimuli.

    Try it out and you will be very surprised how much better you feel when it’s just you, the ball and your breath.
  • If I don’t have access to a field, can I train on concrete or a basketball court?

    Absolutely. At 28 years old, it’s still what I do :). I don’t believe I am too good to train on concrete, a track or a basketball court. Obviously, it would be much better for my body (joints & bones) to train on a real pitch (grass or turf), but sometimes circumstances don’t allow it..

    Nowadays, a lot of pitches’ are only pay to play, they are locked or they are in use. So, your goal is to always make the most of your situation and what you have. If you don’t have access to a pitch, find space somewhere else to get your reps in.


  • Why is Our Time Recorded? I thought you always said Quality OVER Quantity?!

    I still do and will always stick to my word. The QUALITY of your training is much more important than the QUANTITY (how much) you train. As you will hear within the voice recordings of each exercise, I always talk about focusing on each and every rep at a time.

    The “quantity’ part and the reason we are “calculating your time” is because it serves as an excellent motivator. Even for myself, as a 28 year old footballer, when I see my training time go up, I get those “feel good hormones hits” and it makes me feel like I’m doing that extra work to get myself to the next level.

    So, we can use that to our advantage. The “total timed trained” feature will motivate you to keep coming back to improve your numbers. As a result, you will come back to the pitch, which will allow you to train with quality, with the ultimate goal of overall improvement!

    I promise you that everything within this app was well thought out over my 24 year playing career. I always ask myself “what would have helped me become a better footballer?”

  • What if I don’t have access to a wall?

    Obviously, our goal is to get you on a wall to improve your first touch. My biggest tip is to do your research. There are more walls around you than you may think, lol.

    So, drive around, walk around, look around and I am sure you will find one.

    If not, it’s absolutely okay. You can do 2 things:

    1. Train without a wall, and maybe double up on another section (if you’d like). For example, when I don’t have access to a wall, I generally double up on ball work, but please don’t forget that ball work could be more intense and leave your body more sore, so make sure you do your stretching post-session.
    2. Ask a partner or a parent to act as the wall 😉
  • Can I Train in Running Shoes or do I Need Football Boots?

    The ideal situation would be to have you training on grass with football boots. But, we don’t live in an ideal/perfect world. So, as I always say, you need to do what you can, with what you have, where you are! This is the “perfect situation” to put those words into action. As you will see, I am wearing running shoes training on a basketball court in a lot of the exercises, because that is what was available to me!

  • If I am a parent, and know nothing about soccer, can I use the app to train my child?

    Yes. I have already spoken to my parents about this question. They did everything to send me to places to help me develop as a player but didn’t know much about developing me themselves.

    If you want to save a lot of money but develop your child into an excellent soccer player, this is exactly the app for that.

    This can help you and your child bond and help them improve as a player, (A 2-in-1 Deal) !

  • Can Coaches’ Use the RicFit Academy App?

    Absolutely, I highly encourage coaches’ to use some of the drills within the app to help develop their players.

    If the player is more advanced, you make make the drill more “reactionary.”

  • What if an exercise is too difficult to perform?

    Here are a Couple Solutions:

    1. If the drill is a ball work exercise, perform the exercise slower (almost in slo-motion) and get the technique down. Once you get the technique down, you can speed up the exercise. The goal is to try to get to game-intensity and speed while keeping technique sharp.
    2. If the drill is an aerial control exercise, there will be a “beginner option” for you. More than likely, you will perform the exercise and catch the ball instead of consecutively keeping the ball in the air.
    3. If the drill is a wall work exercise, hit the ball lightly against the wall and just work on the technique and touch of the ball.
  • Who is the RicFit Academy App For?

    If you are a player who has that intrinsic motivation and desire to get better on your own and you are willing to put in the consistent time and work to make it happen.

  • Who is the RicFit Academy App NOT For?

    If you are a player that doesn’t have the ability to accurately self-assess yourself. If you can’t concentrate and focus on the task at hand to improve long term, the app may not be the best for you.

  • How old should I be to use the RicFit Academy App?

    RicFit On-Demand is for players of all ages. I would love players to get on the app as young as possible so they can develop their technical skill and ability on their own, learn the value of hard/smart work and truly take their development into their own hands. The app will help you build a very solid technical base to advance yourself as a footballer.

  • How long will the weekly session take to complete?

    If you go through the weekly session one time from start to finish, it can be anywhere from 30-90 minutes of actual time of training, depending on how long you do each drill for.

    Each drill allows you to train for 30 Seconds-2 minutes. You will also need some rest between each drill and some time to check out the next drill.

  • How much rest should I take in between each drill?

    It depends on your level as a player and fitness level. Generally, I recommend being as fresh as possible for each drill so you can do each rep with high quality. Though, if you want to challenge your fitness level, you can shorten your rest period.

    I would recommend anywhere from 15-75 seconds rest in between drills.

  • Do I have to do the entire weekly session every time I train?

    Absolutely not. That is actually the reason that I have split them up into certain sections. Some days you may want to work on a specific aspect of your game so you can focus just on that specific section.

  • Can I use the RicFit Academy App on the same day as team training?

    Yes, you absolutely can. Though, you may want to test it out and see how it makes you feel.

    For example: I would start with seeing how your body reacts after completing only 5 exercises in each section, and judging how your body feels.

    If you feel good (of course), increase the time on the app on team training days.

    The most important thing is to listen to your body and build up your training slowly. Quality of training is much more important than quantity or training.

  • Can I train with the App before or after team training?

    Same as the answer above. I would test both. You can do some parts of the app to get yourself activated and ready for your team session and complete the rest of your app session after team training. Though as I’ve said above, listen to your body and see how you feel.

  • Will I be able to save the weekly session to do again later?

    I will give you access to the current weekly session as well as the previous three weeks.

    I will also have all of the exercises in an exercise database. So, if you liked a specific exercise and you want to repeat it, (as long as you have the name), you will always have access to it.

  • How do I get higher in the leaderboard?

    The more you train; the higher you will rank up as a leader domestically (in your country) and globally (world-wide). But, as always, I care more about the quality of your training rather than the quantity of your training!

  • How can I start my free 7-Day trial?

    Simpler than you think ☺. Click on the button on your home page that says “start my free trial,” update your information and you’re ready to go.

  • How can I be sure that the RicFit Academy App sessions will be of an appropriate level for me?

    A lot of the drills will have progressions and regressions within them. If you can’t find a regression, do your best to make the exercise as simple as possible.

  • How can I find a wall for training?

    Having a wall is an important part of the RicFit On-Demand App Training.

    I am positive that if you are determined to improve your first touch and passing; you will find one! 

    I would recommend checking nearby schools, racquetball courts, parks, parking garages and certain gym areas (do a simple search on Google Maps). You can also use your living room couch or bed as long as your Mom doesn’t get angry 😉

    Commit to being creative and doing whatever it takes to find yourself a rebounder and you will make it work.

  • Can I use the RicFit Academy App when coming back from an injury?

    The RicFit On-Demand App can be a great tool for you to come back from your injury and get yourself sharp again. It allows you to sharpen specific technical areas of your game, which will allow you to be more confident and comfortable when you step back onto the pitch.

    It’s also excellent for a player coming back from an injury who is allowed to train but not yet fully cleared and ready for full contact.

    Please make sure you ask your doctor and/or Physio if it’s okay to use the RicFit On-Demand App. The last thing you want to do is push yourself too soon and get yourself injured again.

    As always, if you feel any type of pain, stop immediately, notify a trusted health professional and never push through it!

  • What if I don’t understand what to do or am not sure if my technique is correct?

    I want to be a resource for you! If you aren’t sure if you’re doing a drill correctly, do the best you can using my audio and video during the session.

    After the drill is over, take a video of yourself (or have someone else take one) and send it to me for feedback: